Steve Miller ProfileThe internet was in its infancy in 1990 when I mailed a hard copy of a story through the postal system to a local, weekly newspaper. The neighbors loved it when it was published. Another story was mailed off to Michigan Out-of-Doors in 1991.

I published a string of articles in software journals of the day, bringing me some notoriety in a very small section of the computer world. Writing for the journals paid well, too. However, the internet came and blogging changed all of that. Technical writers wrote in their own blogs instead of publishing in the software journals. The journals went out of business relatively quickly and I published my last software article in 2004.

Steve Miller portraitAt about that time, I discovered the Wittenburg Door. The satire in the magazine was usually too strong for my tastes, but the editors liked both my sense of humor and my writing. I eventually published a series of seven short stories for the magazine under a pseudonym.

About the time theĀ Wittenburg Door ceased publication, I discovered the magazine Dragons, Knights, & Angels. I published two stories with them and soon becameĀ one of the editors of its sister magazine, The Sword Review. Shortly afterwards, the two magazines merged to become MindFlights. I published more stories with MindFlights and yet another sister magazine, Ray Gun Revival.

I was an instructor for the North Texas Christian Writers Conference for seven years, beginning in 2006, and I have spoken at various writers groups.

2015-10-Steve-Vincent-June-Workshop-croppedCurrently, I work professionally as a Linguistic Technician and Linguistics Consultant-in-Training in the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea. My writing projects in progress include both fiction and academic writing, and I am an active contributor to Seeking Alpha.