Published Work

Steve Miller ProfileSteve has published in multiple genres: fiction, humor, stock research articles, linguistics papers, personal experiences, how-to articles–enough to write paragraphs about himself like this in third person. He has used the pen names “S. A. Miller,” “Steven Miller,” and “Steven Marshwiggle.” His current work in progress includes writing novels, stock investment research, and linguistics papers.


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  • “Grubs for Lunch” in MindFlights (September, 2008).Ray Gun Revival cover, June, 2007
  • “Aliens in the Church” in Dragons, Knights, & Angels (August 2007). Written with Al Speegle. The story was selected for Volume 3 of the anthology Distant Passages.
  • Stupid Computer” in Ray Gun Revival (June 2007).

Linguistics Papers

Stock Investment Research


  • Fun with Humans” in Dragons, Knights, & Angels (April 2007).
  • “How to Change your Church Persona” in The Wittenburg Door.
  • “Sword Drills” in the Wittenburg Door.
  • “The Witnessing Evaluation Committee” in The Wittenburg Door.
  • “Visitation Team Raid” in The Wittenburg Door.
  • “A Greeter Eluded” in The Wittenburg Door.
  • “The Dumb Spake” in The Wittenburg Door.
  • The Thermostat” in The Wittenburg Door.

Personal Experience

  • One Year Life Verse iconThe Devotional “Hitting the Wall” was published in the One Year Life Verse (2007).
  • “Both Rejected and Accepted” in The Christian Communicator (October, 2004).
  • Intruder in the Night” in Michigan Out-of-Doors (April, 1991).
  • “Moving to the Country” in the Advertiser-News (July 23, 1990).

Software Programming How-To

SQL Server Professional Icon

  • Testing, 1, 2, 3…Testing…Check?” in SQL Server Professional.
  • “Sorting Out Collations” in SQL Server Professional.
  • “104 Tips, Tricks, and Traps in Oracle Reports v.3.0″ in Oracle Developer. Kohl’s Department Stores asked to reprint this article in their online manual.
  • “Hiding Fields from Users” in Oracle Developer (May, 1999).
  • “Tip of the Month: Workaround to Make a Dropdown List ReadOnly” in FoxPro Advisor (March, 1998).
  • “Coordinate Your Classes to Mesh with Windows Colors” in FoxPro Advisor (November, 1996).
  • “Squash Squirrelly SQL-SELECT Quirks in FoxPro Advisor (May, 1996).
  • “Tie all the Pieces Together” in FoxTalk (May, 1996).
  • “FoxTip: Make a Method to Modify Properites (March, 1996).
  • Two chapters in “Special Edition: Using Visual FoxPro 3″, a software text.
  • “Choose from 149 Printers at Runtime” in FoxTalk (July 1995).
  • “Birth of a User Group” in FoxPro Advisor (July, 1995).
  • “Halt, Who Goes There?” in FoxTalk (July, 1994).
  • “Insufficient Clearance, Access Denied” in FoxTalk (June, 1994).
  • “The Workshop: Previewing Handcoded Reports” (April, 1993).