Editorial Experience

Steve had the privilege of being part of the editorial staff of MindFlights and its predecessor, The Sword Review, both of which published speculative fiction.

MindFlights banner

MindFlights was special in many ways. The editors provided a critique on every story they declined. Steve estimates he reviewed and critiqued more than five hundred stories for the magazine. It was recognized by Writers Digest as one of the “Top 100 Markets for Magazine and Book Writers” (Writer’s Yearbook 2009).

Steve also was a freelance editor for a time, focusing on content editing. Pavarti K. Tyler described content editors as: “the professional eye which looks over your manuscript with a fine tooth comb. They will catch things like inconsistent character behavior/speech, style issues, thematic variances and readability…make sure everything makes sense, has believable dialogue and a plausible plot line.” Steve edited a nonfiction workbook and 25% of three novels, including one science fiction manuscript.