Software Programming

SQL Server Professional IconBefore blogs, there were journals. The employers I worked for in the 1990s subscribed to software journals, and very early on in my software career I saw an advertisement in one of them for writers. Writing for the software journals soon became an important source of side money for me and my growing family. I made more writing for them a generation ago than I do writing articles today.

  • Testing, 1, 2, 3…Testing…Check?” in SQL Server Professional.
  • “Sorting Out Collations” in SQL Server Professional.
  • “104 Tips, Tricks, and Traps in Oracle Reports v.3.0″ in Oracle Developer. Kohl’s Department Stores asked to reprint this article in their online manual.
  • “Hiding Fields from Users” in Oracle Developer (May, 1999).
  • “Tip of the Month: Workaround to Make a Dropdown List ReadOnly” in FoxPro Advisor (March, 1998).
  • “Coordinate Your Classes to Mesh with Windows Colors” in FoxPro Advisor (November, 1996).
  • “Squash Squirrelly SQL-SELECT Quirks in FoxPro Advisor (May, 1996).
  • “Tie all the Pieces Together” in FoxTalk (May, 1996).
  • “FoxTip: Make a Method to Modify Properties (March, 1996).
  • Two chapters in “Special Edition: Using Visual FoxPro 3″, a software text.
  • “Choose from 149 Printers at Runtime” in FoxTalk (July 1995).
  • “Birth of a User Group” in FoxPro Advisor (July, 1995).
  • “Halt, Who Goes There?” in FoxTalk (July, 1994).
  • “Insufficient Clearance, Access Denied” in FoxTalk (June, 1994).
  • “The Workshop: Previewing Handcoded Reports” (April, 1993).